Thursday, March 20, 2014

MARCH 18TH 2014 15 freeway northbound...
I left lake Elsinore  about 4:45 pm- headed north bound, traffic was smooth.
Right around the exit BEFORE  lime-nite it started to slow, hearing then there was an accident  at the 60.
I expected some slowing but not crawling and just plain dead stop..this went for over an hour .
At 615 pm I reached the crash sight- and what I saw sickened my stomach.
About four Highway patrol cars roping off the fast lane for a few hundred feet ..where a flat bed parked in the shoulder next to the concrete dividers, was sitting.....on the bed was a royal blue motorcycle with white stripes. At least thats what it i thought it looked like. It was so mangled and twisted and smashed, if I hadnt of seen one of the tires I dont think I would of been able to tell what I was looking at. Immediately I looked for the injury site and then what was probably the section where this poor guy lay and died. I cant imagine anyone could of survived after the way the bike looked. Odd thing was, usually after traffic finally opens up everyone races off , fanning out like kids released at a park. But everyone remained steady and slow. Almost if to pay respects the guy who probably- if not- nearly, lost his life right there. nd speeds didnt reach normal amongst the cars for a good minute past the crash site. I know I was totally taken back. I just kept think, "God that poor guy I wonder if he made it, if he is alright. What happened to get that motorcycle so destroyed....."
My ex-husband, a motorcycle rider taught me to watch  and listen...motoorcycles have a distinct sound that carries over most cars. If you pay attention on the freeway ...especially in traffic, you can be sure there will be a bike splitting lanes. So when I see them I move to the opposite side they are on, as far as I can. And they always acknowledge...a wave of the hand or a rev of the engine, Saying, "hey  thanks for looking out".
Its been a couple days  and I still cant shake the view of that bike......I wonder what happened. I wonder if he made it. I wonder if he has a family.